Simple-Steps-to-Boost-Your-Email-Click-Through-RatesWritten by eTargetMedia.

Getting people to read your marketing emails is one thing, but your email campaigns are truly successful when they click on a link and go to a landing page on your website. This is when they go from passive readers and become active participants in the sales cycle. These click-through rates can vary depending on the industry and the size or reputation of your business, but as a general rule a click-through rate of 10 percent for an email is considered to be outstanding.

So how can you increase your click-through rates and get more people to go from your email to your website? Here are a few tips:

Make Sure Your Email List Is Solid: If you are sending emails out to recipients with little interest in your products, your click-through rates will suffer. The same goes for using a list that is outdated with many addresses that are no longer valid. You can solve this problem by using a verified email list from a company such as eTarget Media that is broken down into specific categories.

State the Value of the Email in the Headline: The first step in getting a click-through from your email is getting someone to open it. One way to help ensure this is to create a short, powerful headline that clearly states the value proposition for the recipient about why they should read and click on the links.

Effectively Use Calls to Action: The call to action is where you ask the reader to do something — usually click on a link for more information or to sign up for a mailing list. Essentially, it’s the purpose of your email. Don’t bury the call to action or have several ones in a single email. Make it clear what the readers need to do and why they should do it.

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