As technology has evolved, people all over the world have experienced new ways to connect to the Internet. In rural America, many people have relied on high-speed Internet from an unlikely source: 4G cell towers. As you may know, cell towers are man-made structures that carry equipment such as antennas and transmitters. Mobile phone users rely on these structures for the signals they use to communicate with each other without the use of traditional landlines. Today, many smartphone users also rely on these towers to provide signals that can be used to access the Internet.

In a similar manner, unlimited 4G rural Internet companies like UbiFi have used these principles to provide high-speed Internet for rural areas. Because it has historically been difficult, inconvenient, and costly to install the proper infrastructure for high-speed broadband Internet access in rural communities, most rural residents have lived a lifestyle devoid of fiber-optic Internet and other broadband Internet options that people living in urban and suburban areas have taken for granted. Cell towers enable the transmission of signals wirelessly through the air, eliminating the need for the wires used by broadband and fiber-optic Internet providers.

If you live in the coverage area of UbiFi or any other mobile Internet service provider, you can also take advantage of mobile Internet’s advantages over other types of Internet service. Compared to unlimited satellite Internet, UbiFi and its mobile Internet cohorts provide high-speed Internet with low levels of latency, making it a better choice for rural gaming. You may also appreciate the lower cost of installing 4G mobile Internet services, since you won’t need to pay for satellite dish installation. Be sure to check if you are within your chosen mobile Internet provider’s coverage area before signing up for Internet service.

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