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The Apple Watch launched in April to much fanfare and interest. One of the most intriguing features of the Apple Watch is the ability to receive emails and read them directly on your watch. As an email marketing expert, it’s important that you are aware of the different ways that people will be reading your messages and with the excitement over the Apple Watch, you’ll need to know how to tailor your messages to these users.

eTargetMedia has years of experience creating email marketing messages that are read on a variety of platforms and has the following advice for how emails will integrate with the Apple Watch:

Have a plain text version of your email. If the Apple Watch detects linked or remote images in an email, it will default to a plain text version. Embedding images inside of an email will likely not work either, as it is likely to render poorly on the Apple Watch. It’s always important to have a full plain text version of your email ready but it’s especially true for mobile devices such as the Apple Watch.

Formatting tricks used for desktop plain text emails might not work on the Apple Watch. You might have certain special symbols or formatting that you use when creating plain text emails to make them look more graphically interesting. This likely won’t translate to the Apple Watch. If your target audience is the type of audience who will be wearing the Apple Watch, make sure the text is as plain as possible to translate well to the device.

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