Despite social media playing a large role in all of our lives, some business owners don’t consider it necessary for them to take this route in order to promote their business. Some of them don’t have a choice, since they cannot afford conventional advertising and the large sums of money that it requires.

Take the example of a small business owner who had just bought a bed and breakfast and who realized that there was no promotion for the business in place for the years that it was up and running.

Instead of paying a lot of money to advertise, the small business owner, now being in debt, decided to take the internet route. After opening a few websites, maintaining a few social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and blogging for a few months – and most importantly, keeping in touch with the latest trends, he began to see the results that all good businesses wish to see.

It actually began with a phone call from a publication that wanted to interview his business, and had found his blog on StumbleUpon. For him, as he explains it, that was the turning point for his small business that he owned in the Caribbean.

Yet another example of how social media can work for small business only if you put the effort and keep at it until there’s a breakthrough.

So how can social media help small businesses, again?

Here’s how if you didn’t understand the story: Promotion, networking, branding and the perfect tool for collaboration.

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