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One key aspect to knowing how well your website is doing, in terms of the rankings, is by making use of SEO ranking tools.

While most people are aware of the fact that Google uses an algorithm to determine which sites deserve a higher ranking in the search results, it is still unknown as to which factors actually determine a site’s ranking as it is being changed around so much.

To say the least, getting your website in the first few search results is something that needs to be experimented with, and thus, most entrepreneurs must understand that this takes a while.
Thus, in order to know whether or not the changes that you are making works, you have to use a tracking tool, one of which is the Google SERP Tool.

Yet the benefit of this tool is not just being able to monitor your website’s rankings but to also monitor how your competitors are doing. In being able to do so – you should be able to keep track of what your competitors are doing right if they are ahead of you.
Even if you are way ahead of them in the search rankings, it’s still good to know what they are up to in order to stay ahead.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should use this tool only if your website is doing fairly well when it comes to search engine rankings. Or else, it will not be able to track the effects of the changes that you make to your website.

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