google-seoAccording to digital agencies, Google has altered their search engine algorithms over the past couple of years or so, meaning that bloggers and website owners must now follow Google’s updated guidelines if they want their content to rank higher in Google’s search engine results.

In years past, clever online writers could produce bland content that featured the same keyword hundreds of times per article to rank highly in search results. Google has since shifted their algorithms, so this keyword stuffing approach is no longer an effective way to drive SEO-related traffic to your website.

The best strategy for understanding Google’s new SEO-related guidelines is to contact a digital ad agency with your goals, concerns, and market needs. Digital advertising firms will test your content on a range of platforms, helping you create content that resonates with your customers or readers on social media networks, blogs, and e-commerce websites.

However, if you are unable to collaborate with a digital advertising agency for your next Internet project, the following tip should help you improve your SEO rankings in light of Google’s new guidelines.

Create SEO Authority with Unique, Trustworthy Content

Perhaps the best tip online writers can follow when it comes to this new era of search engine optimization is to create valuable, insightful, and unique content that offers something to readers. Google measures how many people are linking to a website when it determines its SEO rankings for a particular search result.

An article that is being linked to from several different reliable sources suggests that it is important, valuable, and timely. The more people you have linking to your writing, the better off you will be when it comes to your search engine ranking.


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