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It’s a known fact that almost forty percent of brands use Instagram as a way to promote their business. With an emphasis on visuals, the community that you build on Instagram can give your business that edge that is required to be competitive. And since one of the best ways to build profitability by using social networking for your business is to build a community, here are 3 ways by which you can nurture an Instagram community:

#1: Using Tools to Manage Your Account
While its interface doesn’t provide the user with many options to interact with a community, there are tools that are in place so as to make the most of your Instagram community. Some of these tools include Instagrid, Webstagram, Nitrogram and Statigram. Of the few that are available, Statigram and Nitrogram can go a long way in helping you to build your community.

#2: Responding to Comments to Build Your Community
Timeliness and adding value are two important points that you must keep in mind when responding to comments on your Instagram profile. If you answer questions in an honest and timely fashion along with responding to comments, that results in building a community the right way as well as a loyal audience.

#3: Using Hashtags to track your business’ growth
Often, hashtags can be used to monitor and track the development of your business over a period of time. Unfortunately, even though this method is used on Google+ and Twitter, it is not considered as a strategy by people who need to track their business’ progress on Instagram. Hashtags usually track and group photos that are based on the subject and related to the words in the

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